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I'm ashamed to say my parents fall into the second category to an extent.

I mean, they are so socially liberal otherwise. Cool with gay marriage, cool with weed, fine with pro-choice, etc. etc. on any social wedge issue.

But then I talk to my mom yesterday who was enjoying a re-visit to Wildwood after many many years. "These foreigners that run these stores who don't even speak English!". Yeah, I kinda get it, but I give that much more of a pass then they do. I don't take offense. For some like my folks it's just the way they were raised. Shit, I was raised that way. So much to do about "the other" growing up. From our Jewish neighbors to the n*ggers downtown always killing each other.

I actually have to resign myself that I am probably forever prejudiced. That is, I come at things with pre-judged views. I try to get past it. However, I'm far from racist. Thankfully, the late sixties/early seventies had some great parochial school teachers that were actively influencing young minds like mine that that shit was dead and fodder for the dustbin of history.
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