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So, got my first flat on the newish MTB this morning. I was carrying patches, an extra tube, levers, multi-tool and hand pump; so, all good, right? Not so much. This bike has tubeless-ready rims, which apparently hold onto the tire bead VERY TIGHTLY. I could not budge it. Eventually a dude stopped to help... he has similar rims and said you just have to really give 'er... after about 15 minutes of both of us trying, I thanked him, sent him on his way and started walking. Got my wife to pick me up once I got out of the woods.

So I hit YouTube... eventually found a couple of helpful vids. One guy's method is to lay the wheel down flat, stand on the tire and haul upwards on the spokes until the bead pops. So I did that, and it worked fine, although I could only get one side of the tire free. Good enough. Patched up the tube, then tried to get the tire back on... no chance. Broke a plastic lever trying. Ended up having to take it to a bike shop tonight. They guy there had a good technique and was able to roll it on fairly easily. Gave me some tips on doing that. The thing is though, it takes loads of pressure to get the tire properly re-seated... certainly more than I'd be able to get into it with a hand pump if I were doing the repair on the trail!

So now I'm thinking, why even bother bringing all the repair stuff on my rides? Goddamn new technology... changing tires used to be a no-brainer.
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