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Originally Posted by b0rg9 View Post
Add me to the list of non-Facebook/myspace/twit

I've been reluctant mainly to not clutter any google search of my real name with that stuff. Plus, there's a lot of people I'm just fine with not hooking up with.
I signed up as Gear Jammer, with a throwaway e-mail. No one I know outside of Mechapixel, or 1 dude from Fark has found me yet. No reason you couldn't sign up as something similarly cryptic to hide your true identity, be it b0rg9 or something else.

Edit: to facebook that is, on Twitter, I'm "The Bald Ape".
Can't remember what I was on Myspace, as I've not been their in years, but again it was cryptic to my actual identity.
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