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Tell me where to find a 72" flat panel for under $2k, and I'll call the cops to bust 'em for selling stolen merchandise. For the 40-55" range, yeah flat panels ran the DLP's out of the market. Thus DLP went insano sized, and I like it. When I was looking to replace the Sony, I wanted to avoid going over $2k, thought the best I was going to be able to do would be a 50" range in a flat panel. Would have been a step down, and at the time completely the case. Then I heard an ad for the Big Screen Store (not a national chain sadly), for the Toshiba 72" DLP at $1699, and jumped on it. Latest ad I heard, they were selling the Toshiba for $1799, and throwing in a 50" LCD for "free". Toshiba also makes a 83" TV as well, almost went with it, but it busted the $2k mark by nearly a grand.

Another favorable feature of DLP over flat panels...when flat panels blow out pixels, they are gone forever, when a DLP's light dies, you replace it, and the TV lives again.
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