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We have the 3 out at a time plan, one day turn around. Kid has an ap and it says we pay 24 cents per movie. We can stream to 2 tv's at a time full quality. Full quality is not as good as a bluray disc. There was a lot of artifacting in the free HD wizard of oz preview they had.

They are offering a $50 off coupon, I heard, with bestbuy for one of the streaming bluray players. Don't know what that comes to? (if we get one i'll post it) They do charge more for bluray. If you are looking to stream, I'd have to think about going X-box, since you would get a ton of use out of it. If you want hidef movies, I'd have to push you towards a PS3, you know you gonna love it!

Any working dsl will be enough to stream movies, it will adjust the bit rate for your pipe.
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