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Repo, well played.

First one is too saturated and over-exposed for my liking

Second one is nice... looks like you used diffuse glow in it? I'd suggest darkening the grass to the left of the horse's face so that it stands out more (I tried it with the burn tool set to %21 on midtones and it looked good to me, then used the sponge to desaturate it very slightly after because the burn tool also saturates things and I think a more saturated green would distract from the horse's face). Right now it is tonally almost the same as the grass and seems to get a bit lost to me. I also think it's too light (maybe my monitor is brighter) but I'd take it down *just a bit* with curves or something. I like that it has a bit of a look of awe on its face and you don't know what it's looking at that it is so interesting lol.
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