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Hey gang,

I just renewed the domain for another year! If you still enjoy visiting the site and use it daily or every other day, please consider supporting it by donating occasionally if you don't have Mecha+. The site generally has around 10 regular members, and it only takes 6 people to maintain Mecha+ each month to cover hosting (and I guess the very small amount for domain registration that comes out to be $1.50/month).

Several people (mostly moderators) have permanent or comped Mecha+ from way back, and the reason I'm soliciting right now is I've been just a tad out of pocket on hosting costs this year. Not much, but some.

If anyone is curious, the Google ads that have been in place for 2 years have yielded a total of $59.78 in ad revenue, and they won't cut a check (pay out) until it reaches $100. Yeah, we don't get much traffic!

I know Mecha+ doesn't carry nearly the same value it once did, since we do not hold contests anymore... and to be honest that ship has probably long since sailed. However the service of the forums being here daily since the revival a few years back is the value I see in the site and community these days.

We're approaching the 10th anniversary of Mechapixel (well, technically of the Photoshoppers With Attitude group), and I will boldly admit that I have not had nor seen any ideas I felt worth pursuing, despite some helpful suggestion over the past few years. I treasure our old content though, and want to keep it online -- perhaps presented as more of an archive, or a museum filled with 2000s era photoshopping exhibits. I haven't felt the need to just close down the site however, because I am quite content with providing a home for the original community, even if it is down to around 10 people.

Thank you for continuing to visit the site!

Edit to clarify:
I'll still keep supporting the site and listening to suggestions with open ears. If a good suggestion comes along that sounds like it would add to the site and be quite useful, I won't disregard it at all. I'm not strictly "done with adding anything to the site", it just needs to be something people would enjoy and actually use. That was a huge motivation for me back in the day, and would be again in the future. All it boils down to for me is usefulness and purpose.
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