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'Elite: Dangerous' Player Awarded $15,000 For Being The Best

"Space-sim Elite: Dangerous launched late last year with a contest featuring nearly $20,000 in prize money. The challenge? Reach the rank of "Elite" in one or all of the game's three major categories first.

The prize is broken down into three smaller prizes and one grand prize. The players to first reach "Elite" rank in trade, exploration or combat will each be awarded 1,000 pounds, or roughly $1,500. For the brave soul who manages to reach "Elite" rank in all three categories first, a whopping 10,000 pound prize, or around $15,000.

Now, more than three months after the game's launch, we finally have the winners. Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier Developments announced the winners via YouTube over the weekend, and the numbers behind the accomplishments of these players are astounding." (More w/ youtube vid)

Pic of winnar (except replace K/M with flightstick controller and throttle)...

Click the image to open in full size.
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