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Thinking about it, #3 seems to make the most sense. I say that, working with the assumption that 'shopping could be done in threads, in a more casual/relaxed way than the contest system would bring. I still get the itch every now and again, and see the occasional image that would be ripe for photoshopping, and it is always enjoyable to see what some of the good folks here are able to do with those images. Repo, Aarkie, and a few others still get some quality laughs out of me with their work, and if we're able to give them a forum (literally and figuratively), and at least archive the wonderful work that has been done on this site, I think that would be fine. I do feel that the existing work should remain. I'd also be willing to see if there are folks out there on other sites who might want to join in, but that would be down the road a bit, after Ved does that coding magic stuff.
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