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Random thoughts:

I just opened up the weapons challenges last night and it's already just as addictive as it was in the previous games. I really enjoy working on upgrading the weapons and opening new ones, even if I'm not doing all that great in the match.

Domination is still my favorite mode so far.

I like your Speedy Gonzalez class... sounds like a great idea.

I'm currently level four and everyone in my matches last night was 40 and above, yet I didn't feel like I was getting crushed.

I also like, compared to Halo, that it's not all that hard to kill somebody. Sure, that works both ways, but still, if you see an enemy and get a bead on him, chances are you're going to kill him as opposed to Halo where more often than not it feels like you're unloading all your ammo and still not killing the guy.

It's oh-so-satisfying to get the message that you ended a guy's streak and saved the team from whatever hell he was about to rain down.
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