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Ooh, cool, a bike thread besides my ancient one.

You sound like I was a few years ago going into the bike shop thinking, "Two choices -- mountain bike or road bike?" I found out that there were like a dozen of each flavor and even other bikes that didn't fall into either category, like my cross bike.

I did a lot of research and found that if you want to get into a "real" (not poser worthless crap) dual suspension you are going to start out at about $2,500, more or less. Hardtail you can get into niceness as low as around $800, $900+.

Yeah carbon is up there and, while great, is not something that is automatically going to make biking magical. I have carbon now due to an amazing sale and a shop that wanted to help me out because the owner saw me get hit. But a steel alloy frame is going to have a good feel. Aluminum can have you feeling every pebble under your ass but I still wouldn't go with the stereotypes that all aluminum bikes are stiff.

If my road biking experience translates, I'd say yeah on the single front chainring. I never shift it anymore. Then again, I have no elevation down here. Hydraulic brakes will be less to maintain.

I'll defer to the trail guys on the rest. But it is great to see a bike thread. You should look at the Surly site for some ideas. They have lots of bikes that break the mold for options. I could see you having a blast on the Instigator 2.0. Yeah you're right -- so many options!
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