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That's a lot to throw at a "vintage" ride. Unless you're really into the old-school aspect of it.

For less than a hundred bucks more you could get into the base-level Rockhopper, for instance-

The sport for a hundred bucks more (I didn't do the compare to see what you get for that)

Shit, I'll throw a Bianchi in, although I don't know what their MTB cred is, but they only do hardtails- (you can go to the model under this one for damn near your repair costs, but I just saw that doesn't have a front disc brake).

I did not do heavy research on those specs, but I'm pretty damn sure you'd be walking in with something better than what was 20 years ago. Ain't nothing wrong preserving old bikes, but that might be more of a luxury and not really the practical choice.

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