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I have to say I am kind of sold on this Habit from seeing it from you and Repo. Cannondale seems to have it all over Specialized in the way of selection.

I'm not really a brand loyalist. I just happened to get a Spech first. Bianchi has got me to be a bit of a fanboy. The butter-smooth ride and the way cables are dressed, etc. on my current commuter make me appreciate little things I didn't really know what to look for when first getting back to riding.

Anyway, remember to change your bike in Strava if you had a bike linked to your rides. It's always nice to compare stats. I'm surprised I'm coming up on so many miles against my previous bike that I had for three years. It feels good. You'll see my Strava and it's almost entirely "up the trail, down the trail" but it has helped me get my health back naturally and have some goals. I so want to get a MTB (maybe a Habit) in the future.
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