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Trails were WAY too muddy, unfortunately. Did about 25 miles on paths/roads though, just to get the feel. I still have some work to do on the cockpit... the wider handlebars mean a very different arm/hand position, and I found it hard on my wrists after a while. The fourth finger on my left hand was tingly/numb for about half an hour after the ride too, which was weird. I'm going to put on better grips (ergonomic ones from the old bike, just got them a few months ago) and slide the controls around a bit... I'm sure I can make it more comfortable.

Other than that, it's feeling pretty good. My average speed was fairly comparable to the old bike too, although I definitely felt like I was working harder with the bigger tires. I really can't wait to get it off-road... I'm hoping that temps drop below freezing again before we get more snow.

Oh, and hydraulic brakes are awesome!
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