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Good to hear that worked out... sometimes all it takes are little tweaks. I only have one ride on my new bike due to the weather and it's killing me. This sums up how I feel, I can just sit and look at it:

Click the image to open in full size.20170113_182528 by Josh Delp, on Flickr

I'd agree that Cannondale is doing a great job right now with their lineup and at often at an affordable price which historically has not exactly been their forte. Sure the Scalpel Black still costs as much as a car.

Red caps

Edit: forgot to add, Cannondale did cheap out on the chainstay protection (at least on mine, but it looks like on yours also). The thin strip that came with mine would be chewed up in no time. I'd recommend beefing that up. You can go somewhat pricey with Shelter tape (which is thick but clear and pretty invisible):

Click the image to open in full size.

Or you can cut an old tube and fit it to the stay and throw some zip ties around it to hold it in place.

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