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"(Newser) – Thousands of people who had paid as much as $12,780 to attend a luxury music festival on a private island in the Bahamas arrived Thursday to find what they're describing as a "scam," a "sham," and a "complete cluster." The New York Times reports the Fyre Festival—organized by Ja Rule and a tech entrepreneur—was promoted as an "unprecedented VIP event" complete with "first-class culinary experiences and a luxury atmosphere." Instead, festival-goers arrived to find, as CNN puts it, "mass disorganization, half-built tents, feral dogs, and catered food that was little more than limp cheese sandwiches." Also there was no beer. That's a far cry from the private villas and celebrity chefs Fyre Festival was promising, CBS News reports.

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Fyre Festival was supposed to be a luxury music festival. Attendees discovered they'd paid thousands of dollars to sit under partially assembled tents and eat cheese sandwiches.

One attendee who paid $8,000 for a ticket says people couldn't figure out where their luggage went; another says the food was "like a soup kitchen." The promised yachts, morning yoga, "chill-out sessions," pig roast, parade, and acts like Blink-182 were nowhere to be found. The festival has been postponed indefinitely with organizers blaming "circumstances out of our control." People were still trying to get off the island Friday. Meanwhile there were reports of other festival-goers being locked in the airport because the island was "overcapacity." Officials in the Bahamas blamed the Fyre Festival for "total disorganization and chaos," and Ja Rule has been deleting posts advertising the festival from his Instagram page."
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