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This group includes people who say, “white lives matter”, “blue Iives matter”, “slavery was a long time ago”, “affirmative action policies are racist”, and even the dreaded, “I don’t see colour”.

Those people bug me more than the white supremacists. The white power people are a lost cause and a tiny minority. The others are much more prevalent. Being in logistics in small town America, I'm pretty much surrounded by it all day. It's disheartening.

Wait, apparently I know exactly how and why.

"These foreigners that run these stores who don't even speak English!"

I get it, it makes people uncomfortable when they feel like they don't understand something, in this case what another person is saying. But what does it matter in a store? You pick something off a shelf, you hand someone money, they give you change. Or you put your card in a slot and don't have to say a word. It's not like they're using secret code to say mean things about you.

I think the world would be maybe a slightly better place if all the people who are irritated by foreign languages would just travel to a country where they don't speak the language and try to get by. You can get by. Unfortunately for that experiment, what they'd find is most countries around the world actually incorporate English and it's easy to find people who speak it. I work with people who won't even go to Philadelphia because it's so out of their tiny comfort zone.
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