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Agreed... more "fried" than a toaster oven, and fast. I've been documenting with photos, so here are some:

The first thing is a pork burger stuffed with cheese that was supposed to be pan fried. It turned into this amazing fried burger in the fryer. No oil. I love the thing. If you're not making a lot, it's so much faster than the oven.

Everything in the photos was cooked only using the air fryer except the ribs which were crockpot to cook and then crisped up with the fryer for a few minutes. Potatoes to crispy fries in 20 minutes, 10 mins at 375 then toss, then 10 more minutes. The chicken breasts were coated with yogurt and panko and man did they get crispy. The chicken wings were coated in corn starch and the fat from the skin made it crispy.

It really cuts down on cook times for a lot of things and it's nice to just load it up and let it time itself. I highly recommend them, they do more than just "fry" and the amount of oil you don't need to use is nice.

Oh, and I don't know why I didn't take a picture, but I was making chili dogs over the weekend and decided to wrap the dogs with a slice of bacon and fry it... like 10 minutes at 350, no turning, and they came out perfectly. Bacon was totally crispy around the fully cooked dogs. That was like magic.

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