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Hey guys,

Sorry, I just have to vent about this. A few months ago (well, June), my neighbor got busted for coke. And now he's apparently turned narc to keep his happy ass out of jail.

A little backstory: This house next to me was not originally purchased by him, but by his dad. His dad passed away early this year and things there have been on the slide down ever since. Now it's just him there. And I don't think he has any interest in keeping with the upstanding nature of his surrounding residents -- as this property has pretty much fallen into the kind of disrepair given to abandoned forclosures. For all I know, it may well be one at this point.

Anyway, last Wednesday evening the operation began, with unmarked cars sitting in the wing parked on my curb and agents inside the house. From what it seems, they were calling people to the house enticed by some crack/coke/pills deal and after the transaction inside would swoop in on them outside. Thankfully none of this resulted in shootout. I'd say they've lured close to 17 people to busts so far from what I've seen.

Here's my main problem with this. The activity they are busting is not in my neighborhood. What they are actually doing through this sting is attracting this shit to my neighborhood that wasn't even there before. I don't like it. And I don't like the peril it puts me and my dog in should someone decide they're not going to go peacefully.

I'm considering contacting the police commissioner of Clearwater. My neighbor on the other side of the house said he'd just put up a sign in his yard saying, "WARNING: STING OPERATION AT xxxxxx xxxx.Lane". If I don't hear a response from the city's police on why they feel creating this attractive nuisance in my neighborhood instead of taking their operation to the hoods it belongs in, then I guess I'll go to the local news to see if they feel this is worth making an issue.

Thanks for listening, all.
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