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Thanks guys! It's helping me keep stuff straight too. We did so much it's becoming a blur.

So, the capsule hotel definitely deserves a separate post. Here's the deal:

It was called 9 Hours.

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DSC_0468 by RepoMan84, on Flickr

You enter, put your shoes in a locker, and take the key.

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DSC_0440 by RepoMan84, on Flickr

You give the key to the front desk and they give you a pair of slippers and a key to a locker on your bathroom/locker floor.

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DSC_0482 by RepoMan84, on Flickr

The floors are sex segregated, as are the elevators. The elevator for your sex only stops at floors for your sex.

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DSC_0483 by RepoMan84, on Flickr

Your locker number is also the number of your pod.

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DSC_0484 by RepoMan84, on Flickr

I didn't get a pic of the locker room because there were guys in there most times and I didn't want to look like a perv. Basically you have a locker for your stuff, there were shelves where you'd pick up your sci-fi outfit which was black pants and a black shirt (which I totally should have stolen, but didn't). There was also a row of doors that led to single showers. So you'd get cleaned up, dressed for bed, then head to the elevator to go to your floor.

My experience wasn't too bad. I was tired, had headphones on, and for the most part didn't end up hearing too much, so I got a full night's sleep. My sister had worse luck. She said the girls on her floor were loud.

In the end, it was only about 20 bucks cheaper than a real hotel room... so was it worth it? As an experience, definitely. As a way to travel cheaply? Not really.
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