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I love Kyoto, and still have a lot of friends there from when I was working in that city. The temple whose name you forgot is Kiyomizu-dera -- it's up the hills to the east as you come out of Kyoto station. A must-see for anyone going to Kyoto!

Despite all the times I've been to Japan, I've never stayed at a capsule hotel, but I've always wanted to. Not necessarily because I think it'll be a great experience, but just to say I've done it and to cross it off the list. The real cheap way to stay around Japan? Rent a "booth" at a comic book/internet cafe and stay there all night with a sleeping bag. There are entire websites devoted to people that do this.

Man... I really want to go to Japan, now. It's been a while since I've been. Great pictures and I'm glad you had an awesome time.
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