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"An Oklahoma couple is urging thieves to return a stolen computer they say has the power to save millions of lives.

Last Sunday, Sook Shin was carrying a possible cure for cancer on a small Apple computer with years worth of data.

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"I cannot eat and sleep since last Sunday," said Shin. "I'm devastated and I feel so guilty."

Shin and her husband are leading cancer researchers at an OU research lab. The two have committed their lives, working long hours often seven days a week to find a cure for prostate cancer.

"It has been a long journey up to now," said Shin.

The couple stopped at Panera on north Western Avenue to grab a meal before heading back to the lab. When they finished, they found their car windows broken and the laptop gone.

Unfortunately, most of the data was never backed up, a mistake Shin said could be a major setback in the fight against cancer." (More)
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