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A final thought if I may...

If you haven't noticed in the last decade+ that we've all been photoshopping on the internet, the artistic/photoshopping/creative types are pretty much all left leaning. One shouldn't be at all surprised that members here are largely of that mold.

All "political compass" surveys point me as a left-leaning libertarian. That's hardly a libby or commie or any of that sorts. In fact, I think most all of us who remain hanging around here have some sort of nuance to our views that keeps us in the real world and not that of some political pundit. I'm willing to say, without putting words in your mouth, that you hold some nuanced views as well that don't hold steadfast to the right-wing marching orders.

And to end, there's a lot in life beyond politics. Fuck, when I hang out on the model train forums you think I'm in a majority in my political beliefs? Most of those guys' feelings on Obama are between Despise and Wishing He Got Shot. But we can still talk trains. And I don't bother with political crap there because I know where the mood is. You too should know here where the mood is -- and if that's too much to go beyond and still be buds than that, imo, is really unfortunate.
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