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Our dog's routine is: he sleeps all over the house at night, comes up at some point into his bed at the foot of the bed, then at 5:30AM he knows he's generally permitted to get into bed. Then he's usually still until about 5:45 where he gradually makes his way up to the pillows... and sometime between 5:50 and 6:02 when the alarm goes off, he gets antsy and, as I refer to it "passive agressively snuggly." Meaning he'll rest his head on you, but it feels like he pressing down... like "I'm just resting my head VERY HARD ON YOU, SORRY IF I WOKE YOU BUT HEY NOW YOU'RE UP... Then the alarm goes off and he's up like a shot.

That said, he got into bed for some reason close to 1AM on Sunday night and laid next to me, pulling the covers partly off me and then spent the rest of the night either pressing his paws against me or alternating positions.

So I can go both ways regarding this study.
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