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"Super-parents Gil and Kelly Bates love babies so much, they can't stop having them.

The couple, from Tennessee, U.S., celebrated the birth of their 18th child a month ago and are already praying for more.

The Bates look set to become the biggest family in the world one day, and are one baby behind the Duggars of Arkansas, who have 19.

'We will have many more children if God allows it,' said proud dad Gil, 45, a tree surgeon."

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'Children are a blessing and God has blessed us many, many times.'

Devoted mum Kelly, 43, said: 'We just love children and every baby brings extra joy to our family. The most exciting time is when a new baby comes.

'We all wonder are the boys going to be ahead, or are the girls going to be ahead?'

The couple married 23 years ago, and Kelly has been pregnant for almost every year.

Their massive brood range includes Zach, 21, Michaela, 20, Erin, 18, Lawson, 17, Nathan, 16, Alyssa, 15, Tori, 14, Trace, 13, Carlin, 12, Josie, 11, Katie, 10, Jackson, 8, Warden, 7, Isaiah, 5, Addallee, 4, Ellie, 3, Callie-Anna, 1, and Judson Wyatt, one month." (More)
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