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"GRAND CHUTE , Wisc. (WLUK) -- More than 40,000 pounds of stolen cheese, valued at $90,000, was recovered at a facility in Grand Chute Thursday.

On Jan. 15, 41,000 pounds of Le Sueur Parmesan cheese was reported missing by WOW logistics in the City of Marshfield after the shipping company was notified that the cheese did not arrive at its intended destination in Elgin, IL.

The Marshfield Police Department said they received a tip Thursday morning indicating the missing cheese was being stored at a facility in Grand Chute.

According to the Marshfield Police Department, Grand Chute police confirmed the entire shipment of missing cheese was located and recovered.

Marshfield police did not name the facility."

"MILWAUKEE (AP) — Police have recovered about $70,000 worth of cheese stolen from a suburban Milwaukee trucking company.

Germantown police say on their Facebook page that the cheese was found in Milwaukee Friday evening. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that no one has been arrested.

A 54-foot long trailer containing the cheese was stolen early Friday from D and G Transportation in Germantown, which is northwest of Milwaukee.

A semitrailer used to steal the trailer was recovered. Police said the empty trailer, which was found around 10 a.m. Friday in the Milwaukee area."
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