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So the "theme" this week was Rock & Roll. It pretty much sucked. Odd dancing, nothing seemed to go right for anyone on the whole, music seemed weird with the whole ballroom dance thing- just my opinion, PFC liked a bunch of it, so take it for what it's worth.

Anywho.. Alice Cooper, Dee Snider and Brett Michaels made appearances. Yawn. The biggest story this week is that the Palin girl is still on. Audrina got booted, which was a bit of a surprise- she actually was one of the better ones, which makes me think that Mama Palin supporters are keeping Bristol on the show. Not fair, America, not fair.

Oh, Heart was on the results show and did Baracuda. They still rock.

Next weeks show looks to be pretty good, btw. Cast has been cut in half, so most of the stars left are at least fun to watch. It's the shows 200th episode, and they are going to have a bunch of the old stars on.
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