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You have Oprah narrating instead of Sir David Attenborough? That's just... wrong. Do you at least get the making of bits afterwards? There's this great little scottish cameraman, he seems to spend his entire life sitting around trying to film something that no-one's ever filmed before, because you never see the buggers. He spent months sitting in a tiny hut on the side of a mountain in the himalayas for a couple of minutes footage of a snow leopard. And still smiles.

By the way... if any of you has or can get your hands on a UK proxy, all this stuff is almost constantly on the BBC iPlayer, at least one episode per week of life, planet earth, blue planet, what have you. Not full HD quality, but good enough to watch and enjoy. As a UK TV licence payer and therefore part owner of aforementioned productions, I hereby give you permission (but still buy the dvd's!) :p All with Dicky Attenborough, as god intended.
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