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Regarding the redneck, that character was not in the comic and I think he was a weak addition. A couple lines of dialogue might have helped explain why they had him along, like "well he's an ass but he's the best shot of the entire group and has the most powerful gun so we need him." Otherwise, why would anyone choose to tag along with an unstable liability? That doesn't make much sense. A couple things they could be setting up: a grim encounter with him where the living kill the living, which would be par for a zombie story, or a Redneck Redemption story like CJ in the Dawn of the Dead remake. If we have a How I Learned from the Zombie Apocalypse to Love Black People moment from the asshole bigot, I will point and laugh.

Regarding Grimes' wife, they're really playing up the sex here. In the comic it's implied in a conversation that they boned once while on the road, which you could chalk up to "shit we're probably gonna die any minute now, so let's fuck." This, well... I guess it could be a case of latching on to the person most likely to help her keep her son safe. I'm betting there's a line like that.
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