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I don't think that's rambling at all, I think the idea of photoshopping in threads rather than taking the risk of re-designing a full fledged contest system. Personally photoshopping for me these days reminds me of the Fark days, just messing around for laughs (and yeah, getting votes). If we wanted voting, maybe it could be simple Facebook-like "likes", but I'm not sure a tabulating a leaderboard is even necessary. Maybe an Xbox-style achievement thing where you'd get medals or something, like "50 People Liked This" etc.

I think that kind of thing would be lower risk, because it'd certainly suck to build a whole new system and find out that competitive photoshopping has moved on. I know it has been years since I've even looked at Worth etc.

Also, if you want help with anything, I'm sure there are many here who'd be happy to contribute.
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