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Originally Posted by JangoFett View Post
An HSA requires that you get a high-deductible insurance plan, usually a $2,500 - $5,000 deductible in exchange for lower monthly premiums. You can set aside up to the deductible $ amount in a savings account each year (pre-tax). It works great for people who rarely go to the doctor, they can save up the deductible in a savings account and use it for medical expenses.
That's what my husband and I did. We rarely go to the doctor and up until this year it worked for us (because my boys have seperate, disability-related insurance, since our primary won't cover squat for them). Then this year the husband had an ER visit for stabbing himself accidentally with an epipen, I had anaphylaxis, ended up at a Pulmonologist and was diagnosed with asthma and then herniated a disc SIX TIMES this year. Needless to say, yeah, we're way over. And we still had to scramble to spend it this year.
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