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Why does the .223 caliber Armalite 15 need to be banned again?

Oh yeah, by the way AR doesn't stand for Assault Rifle, it's short for
Armalite, the company that original developed the AR platform.
Assault Rifle, or Assault Weapon is a media made up phrase, any
weapon, from a Shotgun, on down to a prison shiv, could be called
an assault weapon, when used to attack another person.

As far as high capacity magazines go...seriously, it takes all of a second
to change out a magazine, and pull the charging handle, or drop the
slide lock. No disadvantages are created for the attacker vs the
unarmed individual, even if the attacker miraculously were to comply
with the laws on magazine capacity. However, great disadvantages
exist for the law abiding gun owner who's in compliance with low magazine
capacity requirements against the attacker who's disregarded them.
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