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I think the app that I get the most use out of is Google Listen. It's for podcasts. (I'm subscribed to the Mechapixel Podcast Fiasco, just waiting for a new episode to pop up one day)
I've got a few fun games: Trap!, Air Control, 2 Player Reactor, Shortyz (downloads crosswords from newspapers), Abduction!
I still haven't found the "perfect" list program, but for now I'm using Ultra Notes
I've got Aldiko for ebook reading (you can only download public domain books for now, but you can buy from other sites and read them with the app)
Then there are the Facebook and Twitter apps (tons out there), but I use Facebook Touch and Twidroyd.
Some phones come preloaded with the Youtube app, but you might want to check that one out.
If you've got an unlimited data plan, you might want to use the Pandora app to stream music.
All of these you can get through the Google Market. But you can also get some from There are lots of free apps out there but also lots that you can pay for for better features.
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