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So I took the Scalpel out in the woods for a few hours yesterday. About 45 minutes in, the rear derailleur cable got snagged by that big pie plate and got twisted and frayed, leaving me unable to shift out of top gear. I had foolishly headed out without any tools. I walked out to a trailhead and asked a couple of other riders for a hex wrench, but no luck. One of the awesome things about having these trails right in the city is that I could just pop out of the valley and ride 5 minutes up the road to a bike shop. Got it sorted quickly, and headed back to the valley. Holy crap this is a sweet bike! I've got it until Monday, so it's gonna be a fun weekend

As for my bike, it turns out the bottom bracket is fine, and it's the pivot bearings that are causing the noise. They are going to replace them, but I'm not thrilled that this noise issue first appeared on my 6th ride on the new bike! Dude from Cannondale said that someone my size should expect to be servicing them more frequently than a smaller rider, but that's a ridiculously short lifespan.
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