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Shortstop hit a buck ninety up through June. Third baseman was a solid ROY candidate until he got hurt and missed the last half of the season. Fill in third basemen all hit about .210. Lefty relief had a zero ERA through all star game and then ended with about a 6.0 ERA.

Really what killed was some weird thing where they couldn't hit shitty pitching. A guy would roll in without a win in two months or with an ERA pushing double digits and would shut them down. In St L they call it the Bud Norris club, after the shitty Astros pitcher who never wins a game unless he's pitching against the Cardinals.

Also, it didn't help that Brad Penny pitched like a champ in April but fell apart in May and then pretended to be hurt the rest of the season after cracking a grand slam. He earned just south of a million bucks per game,or $136,364 per inning pitched, which is $45,455 per out recorded. I don't think they're looking to re-sign him.
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