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Cool. So it looks like for a reward you get a jersey out of the deal unless you want to donate that back.

When I first started riding I didn't give a thought about the clothes. Then I rode into work in regular shorts and a t-shirt and literally felt weighed down by the sweat. I had a change of clothes and shower at my disposal but still.

Our programmer and cyclist friend of mine convinced me to get riding clothes. I thought that was just for the roadie crowd or whatever, but even for a commuter it's made a huge difference. The pants, especially. Having clothes cut specifically for pedaling helps a lot. Moisture wicking clothes really helps in the hot months (which is most of the months here), too.

I go about 14.5 miles each way, so that's about an hour each way. I'd consider it an above-average distance commute. I'm glad I got the proper bike to tackle it and bought it specifically for the task. It has one job (but I will take it out to the beach every once in a while). The extreme heat and rainy season is kicking in but I'm going to continue to tough it out as much as I can through it. My messenger bag is waterproof and I have waterproof shoe covering so that should help. My bike is fitted with fenders so riding in the rain actually feels nice as opposed to the oppressive heat. Hopefully weather will be nice for you on the 5th.
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