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I was one of those leading the charge of what the hell good would this thing be. Well having it for a few days now I think it is the kick back on the couch, put your feet up computer. Instant on, get right to what you want to do.
Don't ever see this as a work or school related machine but if you want to lounge around the house and do 90% of what you would do on a full computer this can do it. Have watched tons of video which looks great, quick emails perfect (wouldn't want to type much more than that at a time though). Book reading, have done maybe a half an hour at a time, so spending hours doing so I can't say but what I have done was slick.
Haven't downloaded a lot of apps yet, and what I have were all free. ABC video app, Weather Channel app, book reader and an air hockey game. The game I messed with about 15 minutes before boredom sat in and I uninstalled but the rest I really liked.
Screen is incredibly clear and a pleasure for every task I have tried.
Now whether this is worth the asking price???
I'll update as I go and glad to answer questions.
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