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Well as expected, I've been busy with work this week but should have time this weekend to make some more neat things appear. First order of business is getting old users, contests, entries and profiles ("history" pages) back online, it's just taking a good deal of editing every page. Unfortunately this does not mean contests will open up soon, just that the old contests and photoshops will be viewable again. There is just a lot more work to do on the server before we can have new contests, mainly dealing with image uploading and formatting on the fly.

The data and old site have been uploaded to this new server in a testing location (nothing was lost from the backup, as far as I can tell), now I just need to make it work again by figuring out what has changed between this current version of vBulletin and our old version. Soooo look for something this weekend hopefully, maybe.

Also I'm going to post an annoucement today concerning the return of your old user login information so look out for that.
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