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Okay right now the plan is to start working towards getting Graffiti contests going again, and creating a suitable homepage. This also means reinstating the suggested contests queue; plugging that back in shouldn't be too difficult, and initially it will be open to everyone to view and vote on submissions, since there is no Mecha+ set up. Slags and Faceoffs will remain browseable but I won't start working on opening them up for a while, since they need major code work since I'm going to redo the Jury system and voting in general. I have no ETA on all of this but hopefully we can get it rolling within a week or two, and then the first contest in almost a year and a half will open up shortly after that.

As for the forums, which is easier for me to meddle with during the day on the rare occasion that I get some downtime: short term goals include resizing the Shoutbox, possibly redesigning it to have the input area as a single row on the top (like it used to be), and adding drag-and-drop to the forum boxes like we had before. These are mostly cosmetic changes. Anime, who did most of the original forums coding and design, will probably be able to help with that again as well.

Other site features will be addressed in the future, but I just thought I'd give a heads up on what I'll be focusing on over the next few weeks.
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