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My older one wants to be a Jack-in-the-box. We passed an old jack-in-the-box restaurant the other day and he wanted to know why the building was square, why it wasn't still open (um. Couldn't tell him about the people there getting bludgeoned to death). Then he suddenly said, "I CAN BE A JACK IN THE BOX!" He's very creative. Last year he was a deviled egg (egg costume with devil horns. HUGE HIT!) and the year before he and the little one were m&ms. We always make 'em home made and simple, better that way. Plus, I'm an over-achiever like that. Typically I wait until October 30 and make the costume then.

So, nows I gots to find me a square box at the grocery store. We have a jester hat for him to wear, we have a crank for the side of the box and material to make for him to poke his head through. Should be a fun one.

But I'm thinking of recycling the M&M for the younger one.
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