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Just got back from finally watching Avatar. No IMAX, but did go the 3D route. Glasses are definitely far more comfortable than the old school cardboard, with colored lenses 3D glasses of the past, but I still found myself taking them off from time to time to rub, and refocus my eyes. Can't really see the 3D TV thing taking off with this. Me thinks that it'd cause early blindness were folks to watch several hours a day of 3D TV. I would like to see them make the frames wrap around the face a bit more, to avoid peripheral interference, that I noticed from the edges that stuck out nearly an inch from the sides of my eyes due to there being perfectly flat.

As far as the movie itself, very cool. The CG world was truly beautiful, and the story was very entertaining. Went through more than 2 hours of the movie before my first glance at the time, and it felt like it had been less than an hour. Can't give much better props than that for a movie, as there have been many I've seen where an hour felt like 3. Don't know that I'll go to the theater to see it again, but it's definitely on my DVD purchase list, just hope they release it as a 2 DVD set, with both the 3D, and 2D versions packaged together.
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