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I just got a call to meet Lester last night. (I'm at lvl 11 now) He can provide some interesting services as you level up.
I had a fun run of missions last night with a group of random people, we did almost every type, from races to deathmatches. That was fun...
I expected that I'd come out with some cash, but buying ammo before each match (and using it all during) can be expensive, so I'm still have ~$20K and no property yet, I'm itching to get some place to call home. I was saddened to lose my beloved Gauntlet last night too. Some jerk and I went back and forth murdering each other and respawing over and over and the bastard blew up my car. Since I can't unlock the full insurance, it's gone. It's funny how I got attached to that car. I'm on the look out for a replacement.
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