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"You're driving along a busy interstate, when all of a sudden, you see money flying all over the road. What would you do?

That scenario played-out along a stretch of I-285 Tuesday evening.

One of WSB Radio's traffic troopers called the newsroom to tell us what he was seeing 285 Westbound near Ashford-Dunwoody Road. "I saw a bunch of paper floating around in the road and everybody pulling over on the shoulder, and as I got closer I noticed it was all just cash."

Indeed, there was cash in the air. "Vehicles immediately started stopping collecting the money," Sgt. Robert Parsons with Dunwoody police tells WSB Radio.

"An armored car was traveling on 285 West when the side door came open, and an unknown amount of money flew out onto the highway." Parsons said it was a "substantial" amount of cash.

Amazingly, no crashes or injuries from the impromptu cash grab.

It's not what you see everyday says Parsons. "Well, Ive seen it in the movies. It's very bizarre that this happens. This is the first one I can think of." -
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