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Feb 3 2003
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Did the following things in the Arcade:

- Found and installed working version of Stackopolis
- Found and installed working version of Gold Miner
- Fixed Pool Jam
- Fixed all Golf and Weetabix games to count lowest score as the winner

Added a few new games I don't think we've ever had before:
- 4 Wheel Madness, Hypertube, Acorns Adventure. Got a lot more to try out but I'm going to wait quite a while so we don't run out of new games in the future.

- Removed Boredmeeting; couldn't get it to work or find a working copy
- Removed OrgasmGirl because it was pissing me off ...nah just kidding it just wasn't working out... er you know what I mean... the game was broken, not the girl
- Removed Grow because it isn't working and I can't find it anywhere online
- Looked for working copy of Aski, because I too think it was an awesome little game, but it just isn't compatible with this arcade software. Didn't find anything.

Also I'm turning on the old skin/template - it isn't completely ready but close enough, and looks much nicer. I need to reduce the number of tables though or something, it's cluttered.

I should be working on finishing the homepage but ughhhhhh the arcade is so fun.

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