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Wow you're right, that game is broken. Off it goes.

Oh since I noticed some folks mentioning it earlier, here is how high score announcements in the Shoutbox work:

If you get the highest score for a game (or lowest score based on game type), it posts it in the shoutbox in nice blue text. Times this might have not worked/appeared to work properly:

- Your score was the first for that game. It doesn't announce highscores if you didn't actually beat someone else. This is intentional, and will not be much of an issue soon as almost every game now has a score.

- You topped your own high score, i.e. you were already the champion but just raised the bar. Again, it doesn't announce if you aren't actually dethroning anyone - this is intentional for spam reasons.

- The script didn't account for games where lower score is better. I added this condition earlier today (or yesterday?), so over the past two weeks, anytime you became the champ of a golf game or similar, it didn't work. It should now.

Hope that clears it up!
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