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So, out of the blue, at night, my wife says "I thought you were making waffles". We are like WTF??? Do you want waffles at 9pm? That is where this idea took root, I've been thinking about doing it for a while, but this pushed me over the edge to actually try it.
They came out really nice, I was pretty happy, and think I like this method better than baking.
I put this over at FB so figured I post here too.
Then there was dinner!
I didn't make the dough, I do have a bread machine, but didn't use it, was on sale at publix. $2 for a ball of dough isn't cheap, but it's quicker for lazy people. I made up the ricotta mixture before I went to the library so it had time to meld. Garlic fresh basil and other common spices, a layer of provolone, then the ricotta, mozzarella and peperoni. All in all, no cheaper than buying one, but it was damn good, and it's hard to find anything edible in this town. I'm getting pretty good with the pizza too!
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