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(Newser) – It's been just over six months since Stan Lee died, but controversy still swirls around the late Marvel Comics leader's ex-manager and business partner. Reuters reports that the latest in the saga involving Keya Morgan includes five counts of elder abuse filed against him Friday, including charges of forgery, fraud, and false imprisonment. A spokeswoman for Los Angeles Superior Court told Los Angeles City News Service that the charges involve an incident that happened last June, with the 95-year-old Lee at the center of it. The rep adds a warrant has been issued for Morgan's arrest. TMZ notes a restraining order was granted last year to Lee's lawyers against Morgan, whom they accused of mishandling millions of Lee's money and physically and emotionally abusing Lee.

The court documents also claim Morgan tried to keep Lee away from his family and friends, including by moving him to a secret location. Back then, Morgan called the story a "witch hunt" by Lee's legal team and his daughter. The Daily Beast notes that Morgan briefly had a tweet up Monday that said the media "lies and exaggerates to make money. ... The more they lie, the more money and attention they get. Don't believe anything you read or see, unless your name is stupid." That tweet has since been deleted, though a few retweets he made over the past few days still focus on media lies and "false rumors." Court officials said "We just hope we find him before The Hulk and The Thing get to him."
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