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Feb 5 2003
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"In an effort to thwart the kinds of people amused by stealing signs bearing numbers like “69” and “420,” the Washington State Department of Transportation has, in some places, installed alternatives.

Along one highway in Eastern Washington, for example, the department has replaced an oft-pilfered milepost marker “69” — a number that also refers to a sex position — with one that reads “68.9.” Other times, the agency has decided to simply skip the signs most likely to be purloined, said Department of Transportation spokeswoman Beth Bousley.

“Depending on location and what was taken, we can replace the sign or, at times, leave one blank — so there would be a 419 and 421 mile-marker but not a 420,” she said. “In addition, we’ve created other signs — 419.9 and 68.9 — so they still give drivers location information without being a popular number to steal.”

Highways in Washington state have about 8,245 mile-marker signs, and almost 200 are missing, Bousley said. WSDOT has had to replace 608 signs since 2012, she said." (More)
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