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Unread 2016-07-20, 10:49   #1
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Feb 5 2003
85,156 posts
Age 63
Somewhere on this ball we call "Earth"

"The captain is at the controls, the tray tables are stowed, and nobody is smoking in the lavatories. We’ll be taking off shortly.

But wait, what about the coffee machines — are the coffee machines ready for departure?

Airlines blame flight delays on many things — missing paperwork, storms in faraway states, planes stacked up at La Guardia — but one explanation in particular trips up some travelers. It’s the broken coffee maker in the airplane galley. “Not sure why an @AmericanAir flight has to go back to the gate because of a freakin coffee maker...... that baffles me,” wrote Ryan Fahey on Twitter in February.

The miracle of human flight with onboard snacks is one of humanity’s great achievements. How is it, then, that a balky coffeepot can bring a jumbo jet to a dead halt?

It turns out to be a surprisingly complex problem to fix. An “inordinate amount of coffee maker problems” are causing short flight delays, the chief of operations for American Airlines, Robert Isom, said recently in a podcast for company employees. “If we can’t find a fix, we ought to just replace all the coffee makers.” (More)
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Unread 2016-07-20, 11:09   #2
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Jun 24 2003
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Age 49
On the trails

Reached by phone, Mr. Swearingen added this thought: “And why would you wait until I’m on the plane to announce that? I would have gone to Starbucks.”

Ding ding! Or hey, maybe only serve canned iced coffee. Even if you prefer hot coffee, it'll get the job done and I say this as a coffee addict. Flights are about travel, not making sure everyone has every creature comfort they feel entitled to. If coffee machines cause problems, ditch them. Hell, if they took out the coffee machine and that extra space allowed them to move every seat an extra 1/1000000th of a millimeter apart, I'd take the extra space.
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