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Unread 2017-11-14, 12:42   #1
aarkieboy's Avatar

Feb 5 2003
80,280 posts
Age 62
Somewhere on this ball we call "Earth"

"Boston Dynamics is the mad robot scientist of our waking dreams. Every few years, they unveil a new robot that straddles the fine line between "so realistic its incredible" and the uncanny valley.

Its latest robot dog, the SpotMini, which the company casually introduced with this new video, is easily Boston Dynamics most finished looking robot. The company offers no explanation for four-legged, all yellow creation besides an enigmatic "Coming Soon."

What we can tell you is that this little guy appears to have more personality than all its predecessors. In the video, it effortlessly trots on screen and then pauses to consider the viewer. Even without anything that looks like a dog's head or even eyes, it's a thrilling robotics moment (and perhaps a bit chilling too).

Seriously, we can't wait to learn more about the rather polished-looking SpotMini, the latest agile robotic wonder from Boston Dynamics." - mashable
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Unread 2017-11-14, 13:48   #2
RepoMan's Avatar

Jun 24 2003
31,453 posts
Age 49
On the trails

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Unread 2017-11-14, 13:56   #3
FulanoDeTal's Avatar
Mecha+ Member

Jul 25 2006
5,490 posts
Age 40
Indianapolis, IN

robot dog looked at you?

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Unread 2017-11-14, 13:58   #4
ash#'s Avatar

Nov 1 2004
9,560 posts
Age 46
One of those indoor shopping malls

Nice... I came in here to say "I think Half Life gonna sue somebody". But nah they wouldn't do that, they flushed that IP down the shitter 10 years ago. Fuckers.
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